What a wonderful ending for the show year 2011!


Nordic Winner Show 2011 in Stockholm on Saturday. Royalgrowl Coco Chanel "Rachel" was BOS cc and new NordJW-11 NordW-11 ( four titles in one week) what a wonderful girl!!! Thank you for Kaisa!!

3.- 4.12.2011

Sunday,FINNISH WINNER SHOW! Pug, Kingpoint Crab Bite "Haakon" BOB CACIB CAC and new FIW-11, Chic Choix Markey Lifar "Pertti" BOB CACIB FIW-11, Royalgrowl Coco Chanel "Rachel" BOS CAC FIJW-11 FIW-11, Soleydan No Woman No Cry "Mortti" was JW-11 BM2 CAC (The Lion King's son)! Thank you Judges!!

Saturday, Helsinki Winner 2011 Chic Choix Markey Lifar "Pertti" BOB HEW-11.

We have a new show puppies!! Litter is a combination of Chic Choix Ta Sen Canarias x Melfield Sam`s Angel.


Jyväskylä Int Dog Show.

19.11. Saturday FiJW-10 FiW-10 DkW-11 Royalgrowl Angel Post Code "Ewert" BOB cacib, cac NEW FI CH Se CH Dk CH Nord CH! Royalgrowl Louis Vuitton "Louis" exl. Royalgrowl Vera Wang "Vanessa exl. Royalgrowl Coco Chanel "Rachel" exl. Boston, Bocaguay Canmoy Dream Team BOB cacib,cac! NordJW-10 EuW-11 KINGPOINT CRAB BAIT "Haakon" cac !!

20.11. Sunday, EEJW-11 EEW-11 EuJW-11 Royalgrowl Louis Vuitton "Louis" cac, r.cacib (cacib), Royalgrowl Vera Wang "Vanessa" exl. Royalgrowl Angel Post Code "Ewert" BM3 Royalgrowl Coco Chanel "Rachel" BOS cac !!!! Royalgrowl löwchen breeders group BOB!


Herning in Denmark Danish Winner dog show, Royalgrowl Angel Post Code "Ewert" BOB CC CACIB and DKW 2011, thanks to Tuija and Jari!


Seinäjoki Int dog show. Kingpoint Crab Bait"Haakon" BOB cc Cacib BIG2, Royalgrowl Angel Post Code "Ewert" BOS cc cacib, Royalgrowl Louis Vuitton "Louis" BM2, Parfait Fleur Piece D'or BB2 cc !!! Thanks to the judges Tiina Taulos and Maja Korosec.

New tittles!! Chic Choix Markey Lifar new EUW-11, Royalgrowl Louis Vuitton new EuJW-11, Royalgrowl Vera Wang new EuJW-11, Kingpoint Grab Bait new EUW-11, Chic Choix Calais Que Sera Sera new SE & Nord Ch.


Leeuwarden, Netherlands. What a SUPER day in European Winner Show, Chic Choix Markey Lifar "Pertti" cac cacib EUW-11 BOB and BIG-1!!!!! Royalgrowl Louis Vuitton "Louis" BOB junior EuJW-11, Royalgrowl Vera Wang "Vanessa" EuJW-11 cac, Parfait Fleur Orchidee "Lola" EuW-11 cacib and Pug Kingpoit Crab Bait "Haakon" EuW-11 cacib, thanks judges Petru Muntean, Vija Klucniece, J. Schepers.


In Finnish Toy Dogs Speciality show, Chic Choix Markey Lifar "Pertti" was BOB and r.BISS!! Royalgrowl Louis Vuitton "Louis" ex2, Royalgrowl Coco Chanel" Rachel" ex2 and Royalgrowl Vera Wang "Vanessa" ex3. Pug Kingpoint Crab Bait " Haakon" was BOS and cc. Thanks judges Karin Bernardis, Liz Stannard and Kari Järvinen.


Saarijärvi all breed show, Chic Choix Markey Lifar "Pertti" was BOB and BIG-2. Thanks judges, Harry Tast and Francesco Cochetti.


In Helsinki Summer Show Chic Choix Markey Lifar "Pertti" was BOB BIG-1 and BESTI IN SHOW 1!!! Border Collie Pikkupaimenen Front Page News "Tuisku" was BOB, BOB-veteran, BEST IN SHOW 1 veteran / BIG-3!Royalgrowl Vera Wang "Vanessa" BOS and cc! Thanks judge Tanya Ahlman-Stockmari, Annukka Paloheimo, Karl-Erik Johansson, Dan Ericsson and Kari Järvinen. Pertti another exhibition in Finland 2011 and twice winning BEST IN SHOW !!


Sweden, Piteå Int dog show. Chic Choix Calais Que Sera Sera "Carmen" BOB cc cacib SE & Nord Ch, Royalgrowl Angel Post Code "Ewert" BOS cc cacib and Boston Bocaguay Canmoy Dream Team BOB cc cacib BIG2 !!!


Oulu Int dog show

Sunday:Pug Kingpoint Crab Bait "Haakon" BOB cc cacib and BIG3, Royalgrowl Louis Vuitton "Louis" BOB cc BOB-junior - thank you very much, Susanna Gourine and Terhi Korhonen RG-dogs handling and judges Tiina Taulos/Soile Bister/Jo Schepers.

Saturday:Pug Kingpoint Crab Bait "Haakon" BM2, Royalgrowl Louis Vuitton "Louis" BM2 cc BOB-junior. American Akita Owelan Chattanooga BOB cc cacib! Keeshound Ikurin Stella Polaris was BOB Cacib.


World Dog Show in Paris. New wonderful friend, Nordic Spitz Pohjanukon Aatu BOB and NEW WORLD WINNER 2011!! Thanks judge Kenneth Edh!


In Hyvinkää dog show, Chic Choix Calais Que Sera Sera "Carmen" was BOB, judge Zoran Bankovich.


In Kokkola Int dog show, Royalgrowl Angel Post Code "Ewert" BOB cc cacib, Royalgrowl Vera Wang "Vanessa" BOS cc Royal Canin BIS 1 junior (all show), Kingpoint Crab Bait "Haakon" BOB BIG 2 !!! What a day! Thanks to the judges!!


Rovaniemi Int Show Royalgrowl Vera Wang "Vanessa" BOS cc, Royalgrowl Angel Post Code "Ewert" BM2 cc r.cacib, Royalgrowl Louis Vuitton "Louis" BM3 ,Pug Kingpoint Crab Bait "Haakon" BOB cc cacib and a new friends American Akita Owelan Chattanooga BOB cc cacib BIG4 ow.Huttunen Kirsi & Varpula Matti.


Copenhagenwinner 2011, Kingpoint Crab Bait "Haakon" BM2 CC rCacib(Cacib)


Pug speciality show. Kingpoint Crab Bait "Haakon" was BM4. Judge Melita Groselj.


In Pieksämäki dog show, Royalgrowl Angel Post Code BOB and cc, thanks judge Tuula Plathan.


Three weekends and three Best In Show at the result!

Success is doing ordinary things extra ordinarily well.

Tallinn winner Show, RoyalGrowl Louis Vuitton "Louis"(10 mon.) BOB EEJW-11 EEW-11 BIS junior-3 BIG-1 and BEST IN SHOW 2 !!!!! Chic Choix Calais Que Sera Sera "Carmen" BOS cc cacib EEW-11 and new EE CH! Thanks judges Yolanda Nagler Magal / Martin Croeser


Lithuania,Moletai INT dog show. The first day, Chic Choix Markey Lifar "Pertti" BEST IN SHOW 2, new Lt CH, Chic Chic Calais Que Sera Sera "Carmen" BOS cc and Lt CH new champion tittle !!! Thanks judge Tatjana Urek / Juan Neveda Carrero The second day, Chic Choix Calais Que Sera Sera "Carmen" was BOB cc Cacib. Judge Zsuzsanna Petik.



Hamina Int dog show, Chic Choix Markey Lifar "Pertti" is BEST IN SHOW! This Year, Pertti First Show in Finland!! Thank you judges Laurent Pichard and Harry Tast!!! Royalgrowl Louis Vuitton "Louis" was BM2 and cc, Royalgrowl Coco Chanel "Rachel" BB3 and cc. Pug Kingpoint Crab Bait "Haakon" was BOS Cacib and cc.


We have a new Finnish Champion!!! Tampere Int Dog Show. Chic Choix Calais Que Sera Sera "Carmen" was BOS,Cacib,cc -> FI Ch. Pug Kingpoint Crab Bait "Haakon" was BOS, Cacib and cc!!

Our young Stars!!

Nord JW-2010 Kingpoint Crab Bait

RoyalGrowl Louis Vuitton

RoyalGrowl Vera Wang


Vaasa Int Dog Show. RoyalGrowl Vera Wang BOB-puppy, RoyalGrowl Angel Post Code BOS cc cacib, Kingpoint Crap Bait BM2 r.cc r.cacib and a new friends Kallionahteen Kulkuri BOB sert cacib BIG2 !!! At the same time celebrated Pertti's GB champion title!!


PuppyShow in Lohja, RoyalGrowl Coco Chanel BOB-BIG-1 and BIS3-puppy!!!! Thank you Kaisa Metteri-Gold and judges Juhan Juslin, Kirsi Laamanen and Harto Stockmari! We will be happy :)!!


HOT HOT HOT!!! Super news from England, Cruft 2011!! Chic Choix Markey Lifar "Pertti" winning BOB and CC (ticket), and confirmed the English champion tittle!! Pertti was also Group-2!! He is true LION KING!!

Last year's fine results were, Chic Choix Markey Lifar "Pertti" once again in the top #1 Lowchen 2010 in Finland. Lhasa Soleydan Reality Bites "Paavo" also fared well last year and is also in the top #1 Lhasa Apso 2010 in Finland!!


What is starting this year! Int Dog show in Kajaani, "Haakon" Kingpoint Crab Bait CAC BOB BIG1 BIS-4 and Royal Canin Best In Show Junior! Löwchen Chic Choix Expert Chic "Eemil" BM2 CACIB (C.I.B), Royalgrowl Angel Post Code BM3 and Parfait Fleur Piece D'or BB2!

Where were we in 2010? - Everywhere!

Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar ended his year as #3 of all breeds TOP DOGS list being couple of times more BIS-1 in all breeds and international shows... Winning the Champions of Champions gala competiton for top dogs was unforgettable... He also gathered Winner titles from World Winner, European Winner, Nordic Winner shows during the year. We couldn´t be more thankful and proud to have such a boy as our companion, true love, the king, the Lion King...

He´s not just a dog - he´s a wonder dog. Miracles happens everywhere where he stands out. In UK he was shown twice winning BOB, CC & Best In Group-1. Not only once - but TWICE, in Windsor and WELKS... Looking forward to gain his GB title...

His son Eewertti, Royalgrowl Angel Post Code went to win Finnish Winner title from junior class, and his dam Krisse, Melfield Sam´s Angel not only had a new litter of four but also finished her International title.

The future team with oour youngsters are doing well. Carmen, Chic Choix Calais Que Sera Sera won World Junior Winner title with European Junir Winner & Nordic Junior Winner titles too! Not to forget she went also Nordic Winner being BOS to Pertti... This beauty did gather 15 CC´s from Finland last year.

Haakon the Pug, Kingpoint Crab Bait, started his shows well winning BOB´s and respective Group-2 in International level from junior class. As a puppy he went out once being BIS-1 puppy in Toy & Companion Specialty Kaivopuisto.

All in all, we had a great year - LOTS of kilometers, LOTS of laughter, LOTS sleepless nights, friends, happy moments... good to go on again - Thank You all the judges respecting our team and the breeders of these little wonders we have joy to have!

Success is doing ordinary things extra ordinarily well.