The unforgetable year 2009 is now show wise done... And what a great journey it was...

Cream on the cake was the winning of TOP DOG In Finland (All Breeds) with Chic Choix Markey Lifar <3 The one and only Löwchen who has done something like this - We are still speechless, and ever gratefull to Juha and Outi of such a dog, such a companion to live with and such a personality to show... Thank You, from the bottom of the heart.

Outi & Juha were in Finnish Winner Show to pick up the TOP DOG trophy for us, and there they showed a video on screen of Pertti the lionking. The whole year was worth of every kilmometer and every night without sleep when driving... Thank You also to all dear friends for keeping the spirit up!

The ending for the year was memorable - trip to USA, Eukanuba World Challenge competition held in Long Beach, together with Eukanuba National Championship show. Pertti did again his job well - no matter where he is shown, and how long was the flight - he goes for gold and doing his best. Shown twice in Breed ring - winning twice BOB over there! We got lots of new friends over there - and will cherish these friendships. Thank you for being there with us!

Here is the small photo coverage, Thank You Monica Salmi for these!


Turku International show, Pertti - Chic Choix Markey Lifar today BOB, Cacib & Best In Group-2!


Jyväskylä International show with nearly 5000 dogs entered, and Chic Choix Markey Lifar went again BOB with Cacib & this time also Best In Group-2 !


We did a great weekend trip to Denmark where they had double Int shows and also on Sunday it was Danish Winner -09 titles in line. Chic choix Markey Lifar showed again how the true Lionking is and went BOB both days. On Saturday he finished his Dk Ch title and was Best In Group-3 (judged by Hanne Laine-Jensen in breed and Andreas Schemel in group).

On Sunday Pertti again was BOB, this time under Anne-Mari Haugsten from Norway, and got Danish Winner-09 title.

On the afternoon we had some exciting but stressful moments with timetables, as the flight is not waiting even a Lionking... but we did manage to do it, and with style! Was an honour to show Pertti under respectable judge, Mr. Frank Sabella in group finals, and he also appreciated the boy with Best In Group-2 !!


Seinäjoki Int show was tha last one counted in Top Dog of The Year competiton in Finland 2009, and Pertti Chic Choix Markey Lifar ended this years "fight" with BOB & Best In Group-1 !!


Porvoo All Breeds, Pertti - Chic Choix Markey Lifar this time BOB & Best In Group-2 !!


Vantaa Let´s Go show: Pertti Chic Choix Markey Lifar BOB, Best In Group-1 & Best In Show-2 !! Thank You judges Mr. Kostopoulos & Mrs. Assenmacher-Feyel and friends in ringside for a lovely weekend!


On Saturday it was Int show in Tervakoski and Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar got ROP & Cacib, also went Best In Group-1 !!

On Sunday morning it was the Toy & Companion dogs Specialty show in Helsinki, where we started. Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar won BOB here too... Then on afternoon we drove back to Tervakoski to be part of BIS competiton there and Pertti did it again BIS-3 !!

IN Specialty the judge was well known Mr. T. Nethercott, who wrote following critique of Pertti:

" Stunning. This dog is as near the breed standard as I have ever seen. Prepared and presented to absolute perfection."


Kouvola & Heinola All Breeds shows we had this weekend and Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar was honoured to be again


On Saturday in Kouvola, and on Sunday in Heinola we continued with Best In Group-2 placement!! Great weekend! Paavo, Soleydan reality Bites was also BOB in Kouvola.


Löwchen Club Show 2009 was one more success for Pertti! Chic Choix Markey Lifar went Best In Show-1 !! He was also awarded with best head & movement awards. Judge was Mr. Steve Brown (Broevan Löwchens, UK). Huge Thanks!!



Pertti did it again! Chic Choix Markey Lifar went all breeds BIS-1 in Mäntyharju on Saturday! Paavo, Soleydan Reality Bites was BOB & BIG-3. On Sunday we did a trip to Turku where Pertti was BOB, but this time we didn´t stay for finals.

Iisalmi International show gave us again memorable moments when Chic Choix Markey Lifar won BOB & Best In Group-1 on Saturday. Lhasa Apso Soleydan Reality Bites went also BOB & Best In Group-3 !! On Sunday Pertti the Liondog continued his way and was awarded as BIS-2 !!!

In Mikkeli Internationals we had a great success as both Chic Choix Markey Lifar and Soleydan Reality Bites won BOB - and went Group-1 & Group-2 !! Well done boys and thank you breedes and judges concerned! On Sunday in BIS final Pertti the Liondog went again BIS-3 !!

Oulu double Internationals, Chic Choix Markey Lifar BOB both days and Group-3 on Saturday. Also Lhasa Apso Soleydan Reality Bites BOB both days with Cacib and new C.I.B. ( Int Ch) !!

Chic Choix Markey Lifar BOB & Group-2 in Kokkola Int!

Hämeenlinna All Breeds, was again time for "Pertti" Chic Choix Markey Lifar. He won BOB with lovely critique, also Best In Group-1 & BIS-3 !!

Lhasa Apso "Paavo" Soleydan Reality Bites won BOB with Cacib and also went Best In Group-1 in Rovaniemi Int, around the arctic circle!!

In Kotka International show Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar BOB ja Group-3!

While we are consentrating on showing Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar here in Finland, we decided to let Emil to visit in Sweden. He is staying with Tiddy´´s chiuahuas and Marie Callert - Good luck with our little prince we miss him already but we´re sure you will have fun there together!

Tallinn International, Estonian Winner -09 Show - "Krisse" Melfield Sam´s Angel won CAC & Cacib, and new title EeW-09!! Also Paavo the Lhasa Soleydan Reality Bites got CAC and Cacib, and he is also Ee Ch now!

Mänttä All Breeds - Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar went BOB & Best In Group-2 !


Helsinki Int - Best In Group-1

Show continues ... Last three shows for Pertti has been over 2500 dogs, and he has won two times BIS-1 and once BIS-2 & BIS-3 !!



Varkaus All Breeds, 2600 dogs! Thank You Mr. Owe Germundson and Mr. Tino Pehar!

HOT HOT HOT - Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar BEST IN SHOW-1 in Vaasa Int show over 3500 dogs!

Harstad Int in Norway. Paavo the Lhasa BOB with CC and finished N Ch title. This time no löwchens from us.

12 &13.04.2009
Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar geting better than ever - today in Lappeenranta Int show he won BOB & Cacib and also BIG-1 & BIS-2!!

Ilpo and Pertti visited Swedish Winner show. The results were amazing once again! Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar continues with success - today BOB, Cacib and SEW-09.

Traditional Tampere International, with dear friends and good results! Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar continues with success - today BOB, Cacib and Group-4! Lhasa Apso Paavo, Soleydan Reality Bites won BOB, CC & Cacib and with this he finished his Finnish Champion title! Ilpo also sowed Norrbotten Spitz Osku, Chic Choix Elosalama to his BOB!

Champions of Champions & Veterans of Veterans 2009 gala was held in Vantaa with approximately 100 of the succesfull dogs last year. Pertti the small liondog "ate" some of the bigger ones and made his way to the final! Chic Choix Markey Lifarshowed himself at his best again to be placed second among all of posh dogs - like a birthday present for Outi who we celebrated there also!

Chic Choix Markey Lifar

Turku International is one of the biggest and "most beautifuls" and we can say it´s almost a must to do yearly as there you´ll meet so many friends. This time Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar won again BOB & Cacib, and later went also BIG-3! Thank you lil man, you´re unbelieveable!

Kajaani International started the year 2009 and Pertti, Chic Choix Markey Lifar is still on top! This time BOB with Cacib & BIG-2! Also Paava the Lhasa Apso, Soleydan Reality Bites was BOB with CC & Cacib.


Where were we in 2008?

This has been unbelievable year indeed! We are honoured to say that we have a new All Breeds BIS winner in the breed, Chic Choix Markey Lifar, who also gained 5 winner titles and 8 different champion titles during the past months. It has been almost a habit to get placed with him in Group finals...

As a final statement, Pertti finished as number 9 of All Breeds showdogs in Finland. Only one dog from Toy and Companion dogs group, FCI-9 was ahead of him. Sky, Lhasa Apso Chic Choix Sky´s The Limit, so it was good to make kind of double with the "family".

FCI group 9 is huge and with very high quality, so nothing from there comes free - THANK YOU PERTTI for giving your best and even more everytime in and out of the rings.

IIt´s not a surprise it is Pertti who placed in tough group finals over 10 times this year and also gained success in BIS level.... The most humble thank you belongs to JUHA and OUTI - without You we would not stand where we are now.

Kuva: Vesa Laurila