First löwchen in the kennel was INT´Multi´Ch MultiW BISS Soleydan Tuff Guy ”Torsti”, ” Torsti came to me year 1994.

Before I have bred rough and smooth collies, dogs came into my life in the middle of 80´s. I fell in love in the dog show when I saw löwchen Chic Choix Brigitte Lifar, also I was honoured to meet dog Cleeview Catch Us Catch Can and in the pictures I liked very much dogs of kennel Littlecourt. Torsti was the most elegant and glorious first löwchen, who has certainly written his name to Finnish löwchen history.

First puppies, my own breeding is from ”Torsti” and bitch is absolutely lovely Chic Choix Gabriella Daxar. My goal is to take this wonderful hobby and race forward hoping to achieve very nice and healthy Royal Growl puppies. I am very active in dog shows with my own dogs and in addition handling many other races.


In my homepages you will see collection of pictures and results. Löwchens Chic Choix Gabriella Daxar and Chic Choix Zazou Zoulou – both absolutely magnificent löwchens have moved to my friends.

Our shining stars of today are "Pertti" Chic Choix Markey Lifar and youngster "Eemil" Chic Choix Expert Chic with the princess from England "Krisse" Melfield Sam´s Angel.

Chic Choix Markey Lifar has already written his name into the breed history by winning All Breed & International Best In shows, being also number one showdog in Finland (May 2009). All this and just three years of age with this magnificent dog...

Thank you for visiting and welcome to meet my dogs